Wood, Kristy Principal
McCormick, Donna
Smith, Annette

Bishop, Tamra 1st and 2nd grade Math, Science, Social Studies ience, & Social Studies
Boykin, Tamiria 5th and 6th Grade ELA & Social Studies
Brunson, Ryan
Carroll, Stephanie
Cooper, Laura Media Specialist
Harvey, Tammy Reading Recovery
Hill, Cheryl 1st and 2nd grade ELA
Judkins, Mark
Manigo, Ervin Band
McKenzie, Janet 3rd and 4th grade ELA
Power, Michelle Art Instructor
Preston, Tracey Kindergarten
Vaughn, Lacy 1st grade
Wright, Terry 5th and 6th grade Math & Science

Hiers, Terry
Jarrell, Linda Kindergarten Assistant
Jones, Linda
Kelly, Rebekah Computer Lab
Newton, Val
Pickney, Patricia
Youmans, Linda